Beaches in Kerry

How many beaches are in Kerry?

There are many beaches in Kerry. It has 13 Blue Flag beaches & 5 Green Coast beaches. With the Blue Flag and Green Coast Beaches, there is also 1 additional Identified Bathing Water Beach.

In 2019 TripAdvisor said that 5 out of 10 best blue flag beaches in Ireland were in Kerry. They were

Can you camp on Kerry Beaches?

It is not permitted to camp overnight on any of the Kerry beaches. These include

  • Ballinskelligs
  • Ballybunion North
  • Ballybunion South
  • Ballyheigue
  • Banna
  • Castlegregory/Trench Bridge
  • Maharees
  • Corralougha/Fahamore
  • Derrynane
  • Fenit
  • Inch
  • Kells
  • Maharabeg
  • Kilshannig
  • Rossbeigh
  • Ventry
  • White Stand

Fines are issued

Control of Dogs

In order to meet the terms and conditions of the international Blue-Flag scheme, Kerry County Council has had to introduce certain limited controls on dogs at this Blue-Flag Beach.

These controls apply only to the Blue-Flag section of the beach, typically the area between the Lifeguard flags. A map of the Blue Flag area is posted on the public noticeboard at this beach.

Couple walking their dog at the beach

Accordingly, during the following time dogs (with the exception of guide dogs and assistance dogs) may not be brought onto the Blue Flag section of this beach as follows –

  • 11am to 7pm each day (1st June to 15th September only).
  • Kells Beach 12 noon to 6 pm each day (1st June to 15th September only).

These controls do not apply to any carpark or public footpaths at the beach. In addition, the controls do not apply to any section of the beach which is outside of the designated Blue Flag area.

2 dogs with a stick at the beach

Where possible, Kerry Council will designate appropriate “throughways” at our Blue-Flag beaches in order to provide access for dog-owners to areas beyond the designated Blue-Flag section.

These throughways will be identified by appropriate information signage. Dog owners should keep their dogs on a leash at all times while using these throughways.

Wave of clean water at the beach

When is the Water Quality of the Kerry beaches checked?

The water quality in the Blue Flag beaches is excellent. It is checked every week usually throughout the bathing season (start of June – mid-Sept). Every blue flag beach has a notice board where you can see when it was checked and the results. If there are any water quality issues on any of the blue flag beaches in Ireland it should show up on

Special Wheelchair with wide wheels for the beach
Special Wheelchair with wide wheels for the beach

What beaches in Kerry have a Beach Wheelchair?

6 of the Blue Flag beaches have a specially adapted wheelchair for use on the beach (Ballybunion, Ballyheigue, Ballinskelligs, Banna, Maherees & Inch). They have big wheels, so they won’t get bogged down in the sand.

They are free to use between June and mid-September. You must book them, and generally can use them for up to 3 hours. You must produce a photo ID to collect the wheelchair. The contact numbers for booking the wheelchair are on Kerry County Council website.

Family holding hands at the beach.

Are there Water safety courses in Kerry?

There are water safety courses all around Kerry in the summertime. Children will have a good time and they will learn to swim in the open sea. Here is a link to the times and places for the water safety courses.

Picture of alive sea crab.

Is there a Marine creature feature workshop in Kerry?

Watch out for Marine Creature Workshops which are held on Blue Flag Beaches around Kerry during July/August every summer.  Great for kids and all the family.  The workshops are free to attend.  Look out for details on beach notice boards or log on to

Beach Map of Banna
Beach Map of Banna

Beach Map

In the picture, the red zone is where the lifeguard is patrolling. He is not patrolling all over the beach.

What the different types of flying flags mean in a blue flag beach in Kerry?

Red Beach Flag

What does the red flag flying mean?

Do not swim if they red flag are flying.

Red & Yellow Beach Flag

What does the red and yellow flag flying mean?

Swim in the lifeguard patrol area.

Black & White Beach Flag

What does the chequered flag flying mean?

Surfboard and watercraft zone.

No Flag Flying

What does no flag flying mean?

If there is no flag flying, then there is no lifeguard on duty.

Lifeguard Times

Lifeguard Times

These were the times that the lifeguard was patrolling on Banna Beach in 2019. They might change in subsequent years so just check on the notice board.

Poster that reveals the Water Quality
Poster that reveals the Water Quality

Results of Water Quality for Swimming

Every year there is water sampling to see if the water is safe to swim in during the summer season.  It gives you the date the water sampling was done and the results.

What are the Green Coast Award Beaches?

There are 5 green Coast Award Beaches in Kerry. The water quality is excellent and it is checked regularly throughout the bathing season. They have to have an appropriate management plan to protect the surrounding environment. They generally do not have a lifeguard.

What are the Green Coast Award Beaches in Kerry?

What are the Identified Bathing Waters in Kerry?

Identified Bathing Waters are beaches that are monitored, managed, and assessed under the requirements of the 2008 Bathing Water Quality Regulations. They include all Blue Flag and Green Coast Beaches as well as the following beach

  • Inny

Inny Beach is near Waterville. There are no lifeguards on this beach.

Kerry Beaches Co-ordinates

wdt_ID Beach Longitude Latitude Co-ordinates
1 Fenit 52.275.556,00 -9.864.880,00 More details
2 Ballybunion S 52.510.546,00 -9.679.096,00 More details
3 Ballybunion N 52.513.745,00 -9.674.794,00 More details
4 Ballyheigue 52.388.909,00 -9.835.652,00 More details
5 Banna 52.338.825,00 -9.834.386,00 More details
6 Inch 52.142.260,00 -9.981.731,00 More details
7 Rossbeigh 52.054.430,00 -9.976.290,00 More details
8 Kells 52.024.605,00 -10.104.247,00 More details
9 Whitestrand 51.945.060,00 -10.275.876,00 More details
10 Ventry 52.132.619,00 -10.364.078,00 More details
11 Ballinskelligs 51.820.902,00 -10.273.457,00 More details
12 Maherees 52.271.391,00 -10.027.389,00 More details
13 Derrynane 51.760.364,00 -10.142.254,00 More details

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