Best Restaurants in Tralee

There are many restaurants to eat at in Tralee town. Some of them are better than others. The only way you would know which are the better restaurants is to look at the local people from the town to see where they are eating. I am from Tralee and I will give you the best restaurants & cafés I think are in the town.

Rose Hotel (Dott’s Bar)

A great place is dinner at Dott’s bar in The Rose Hotel. You should book a reservation because sometimes they are really busy and you will have to wait for a table if you don’t.

They have added a new extension to the building to cater to the increase in footfall. They have a wide variety of dishes catering to coeliac and vegan on their menu. Sip a wide variety of Irish and international whiskeys while you are eating your meal.

Dotts Bar in Tralee
Bookshelf breakfast in Tralee.jpg
The Bookshelf

Bookshelf Restaurant & Café Tralee

When we are not working my wife and I go to the Bookshelf for breakfast. My wife loves the white chocolate and raspberry scones and I have the vegetarian bap usually.

They have a wide variety on their breakfast and lunch menus catering to vegan or vegetarian. They do their own baking and you can see the mouth-watering cakes through an enclosed glass area.

Many local people come in for coffee before they go to work. They are very friendly and I would highly recommend you visit this establishment.

Bella Bia restaurant in Tralee
Bella Bia restaurant in Tralee

Bella Bia Restaurant

If you are looking for an Italian restaurant look no further than Bella Bia. It is a family-run restaurant with Noreen & Willie as the proprietors.

They have an extensive Italian menu and their food is of a consistently high standard. The portion sizes of food and drink are very generous.

It is excellent value for money. The décor is light and airy. It is very near Siamsa Tire so you can take in a show before or after the meal.

Cassidy's restaurant in Tralee
Cassidy’s restaurant in Tralee

Cassidy’s Restaurant

My number one choice for early bird or dinner is Cassidy’s restaurant. They are open at 5 and they don’t close until late.

They do an early bird all evening but you will have to ask for it when you are booking the restaurant. The chef makes many lovely Irish and European dishes. They have vegan and vegetarian options.

It is in the centre of the town close to the square.

Chopin's restaurant in Tralee
Chopins restaurant in Tralee

Chopin’s Restaurant & Café

Another lovely place is Chopin’s which do their own baking. Every Friday myself and my work colleagues go up to Chopin’s on our tea break.

I think they are the cheapest in town for coffee/tea and a scone. I always have the apple muffin if it is there because they are lovely and really popular.

They are open very early and do breakfast and lunch. If you are staying in a hotel in Tralee town I highly recommend their breakfast.

Manor West Hotel in Tralee
Manor West Hotel in Tralee

Manor West Hotel

My mum loves going to the Manor West Hotel for lunch. You will be served in the bar but it is better than the ordinary bar food.

They have loads of waiters and waitresses who have their own pre-assigned spot to look after. You have a wide variety of foods to choose from whether this is Irish, European, or Asian.

If you are doing shopping in Manor West shopping centre and you get hungry I would really recommend this hotel for lunch.

Lana restaurant in Tralee
Lana restaurant in Tralee

Lana Restaurant

If you like Asian food Lana Restaurant is the most popular in town. They have beautiful savory dishes served by friendly staff. All the local people go into Lana’s time and time again.

They have an ice cream machine at the front counter so the children can pour their own cones. They can go up time and time again for the ice cream. Lana’s is inside the centre of town on Ashe Street.

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