Faha Wood

Faha Wood and the surrounding area covering Glenbeigh and Rossbeigh offer the perfect secluded, scenic getaway for nature lovers. It is on the Ring of Kerry. Apart from the golden sandy Rossbeigh beach and the quaint Glenbeigh village, the area is best known for the amazing walking trails that allow visitors to enjoy the natural beauty around.

  • Glenbeigh Fairy Forest Walk
  • Part of the Kerry Way
  • Rossbeigh Hill Walk

Glenbeigh Fairy Forest Walk (3 km | 30-40 min)

On the road from Glenbeigh to Rossbeigh (R564), you will come across a picnic area at Faha Wood. If you pass through toward Faha Wood and turn left, you will reach the magical Glenbeigh Fairy Forest (you should be able to spot a signpost at the beginning). The loop is only 3 km.

The Glenbeigh Community Council developed the Fairy Garden for younger visitors, and it’s a hit among children. One can see about 60 fairy houses with coloured stones, toadstools, and seashell wind chimes around the trail. The walk is a must-visit if you’re with kids.

Informattion on Railway Station Glenbeigh
Informattion on Railway Station Glenbeigh

After the fairy garden, you descend onto the old Glenbeigh railway tracks, which once crossed Currow road, where you can spot many animals, including sheep, red squirrels, and badgers. During heavy rains, you may even be able to see a small waterfall on the tracks.

Fairy village in Faha Forest
Fairy village in Faha Forest

Please keep children close. They shouldn’t go beyond the Fairy Village as the path gets narrow and there is a steep drop off a height. My wife is afraid of heights so we had to turn back, it is so steep you would feel as though you could fall off the edge.

Top of a steep cliff in Faha Wood
Top of a steep cliff in Faha Forest

In terms of accessibility, the hill up to the Fairy Garden is too steep for a motorized wheelchair. A normal wheelchair doesn’t fare too well either, as the exposed roots on the forest floor make pushing difficult.

Part of the Kerry Way (3 km | 30-40 min)

The Kerry Way loop is another interesting trail walkers can try. Take note, this route is only a small part of the main Kerry Way, which at 200 km is the longest signposted walking trail in Ireland.

After walking for 1.5 km, you come out in an opening where you can enjoy magnificent views of Rossbeigh Blue Flag Beach, and in the distance, you will see Inch Beach. There is also quite a stunning view of the Dingle peninsula.

I recommend you turn back the way you came from. People walk back on the R564 road to their car but this is unsafe for walkers as it is such a busy and narrow road.

Rossbeigh Hill Walk (10 km | 4.5 hr)

Rossbeigh Hill loop walk is a great option for nature enthusiasts who seek breath-taking views while enjoying a stroll through the woods.

A part of this route is the same as some of the Kerry Way, and along the way, one can experience spectacular views of the countryside, Rossbeigh beach, and the Dingle Peninsula. At 10 km, the walking route will take you around Rossbeigh hill, effectively allowing you to enjoy 360-degree views.


The Fairy Garden and The Kerry Way is more like a stroll than a walk, whereas the other route requires considerable time and effort. Rossbeigh Hill loop walk is not exactly physically demanding, but the steep incline in some places may prove tricky. Moreover, the ground can get treacherous after rain, so it’s important you wear proper walking/trekking shoes and rain gear. Don’t forget to carry drinks and snacks to enjoy along the way.

Rossbeigh Beach

Looking down from a road of Rossbiegh Beach in Kerry
Rossbiegh Beach

The picturesque Rossbeigh beach is only 1.7 km away from Faha Wood. Surrounded by majestic hills and the sprawling countryside, the secluded beach is a sight to behold and the perfect getaway for families and couples.

With a restaurant, plenty of parking, and a playground, Rossbeigh is one of the many gorgeous Blue Flag beaches in Ireland where you can soak up the sun. Check out my website page here.

Glenbeigh Village

The village of Glenbeigh in Kerry
The village of Glenbeigh in Kerry

The scenic and quaint Glenbeigh Village is just 2 km from Faha Wood. The village is referred to as ‘The Jewel in the Ring of Kerry,’ it is the perfect getaway to relax and unwind. You can enjoy bird watching, kayaking, trekking, fishing, golf, and a plethora of other activities here.

Glenbeigh also has great options when it comes to restaurants and pubs where you can enjoy some great fresh seafood along with a pint of Guinness.

Some local pubs and restaurants you should try include Ross point, Towers Restaurant, Glenbeigh Hotel Bar & Restaurant, and Ashes.

Kerry Bog Village Museum
Kerry Bog Village Museum

On the road to Glenbeigh from Killorglin, don’t forget to visit the Red Fox Inn for a drink, a bite to eat, or some great Irish coffee. You can also spend some time at the Kerry Bog Village Museum if you’re enthusiastic about Irish history and culture. Check out my webpage Kerry Bog Village.

Glenbeigh & Rossbeigh are also great locations as bases to explore nearby attractions. If you have your own caravan/camper van, you can stop at Rossbeigh Beach Mobile Home Park or Glenross Caravan and Camping Park. If not, you can retire at any of the great accommodation options nearby, which include The Glenbeigh Hotel and The Towers Hotel.

Things to Remember

Carpark in Faha Forest
Carpark in Faha Wood
Entrance to Faha Forest
Faha Wood picnic area
  • The car park for Faha Wood can accommodate up to ten cars
  • There is a picnic area beside the car park, but there are no tables
  • Dogs are not allowed on the trails due to livestock and sheep along the way

How to Reach Faha Wood

Killarney is about 36 km from Faha Wood, approximately 45 min by car. Take the N71, followed by the N72 to head out of Killarney and join the Ring of Kerry. Continue on the N72 till you reach Killorglin (you will see the King Puck statue at the roundabout), from where you turn left onto the N70. Follow the N70 for the rest of the way to reach Glenbeigh and take the exit to R564 to reach Faha Wood directly.


Faha Wood is a paradise for those who enjoy the scenic beauty in a quiet and secluded setting. The many walking trails in and around Faha Wood are excellent for nature enthusiasts, and the lovely Rossbeigh beach and the quaint Glenbeigh village offer something for everyone.

With such diversity in terms of experiences, it’s hard to say exactly how long a timespan you should set aside for your trip here. But in case you’re time-crunched, I would advise you to spend a day in the vicinity. That way, you can enjoy a picnic at Rossbeigh in the morning, maybe even try surfing or some water sports.

Considering Rossbeigh has sufficient parking, showers, and WCs, you should be comfortable throughout the day. Next, you can head to Faha Wood to check out the Fairy Garden and the Rossbeigh Hill Loop. Lastly, you can enjoy a delicious meal at one of the many dining options in Glenbeigh before you retire for the day.

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