Gallarus Oratory

Situated on the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry, the Gallarus Oratory is a remarkable example of early Christian architecture that has stood the test of time.

Believed to have been constructed in the 12th century, this small stone building has captivated visitors for centuries with its unique design and well-preserved state.

Drone footage of Gallarus Oratoty
Gallarus Oratory

The oratory’s name derives from the Irish word “Gall Aras” which means “house of foreigners,” suggesting that it may have served as a place of pilgrimage or a shelter for travelers.

As you approach the ancient stone building, you can’t help but be in awe of its simple yet elegant form.

Built entirely without mortar, the stones are carefully stacked to create a watertight structure. The skilled craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail are evident in every aspect of the oratory’s construction.

The interior is dimly lit, with a small window on the east wall that allows a ray of sunlight to filter through, creating a serene and spiritual atmosphere.

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The smooth, curved walls and the arched ceiling give the impression of being inside the belly of an upturned boat, adding to the oratory’s mystical aura. The northern roof slope has experienced some slight sagging.

The purpose of the Gallarus Oratory has been the subject of much speculation and debate over the years.

Some believe it was a place of worship, while others suggest it may have been a burial site. Regardless of its original use, there is no denying the sense of reverence and tranquility that permeates the building.

It stands as a testament to the ingenuity and skill of our ancestors, who crafted this masterpiece centuries ago.

On the left side of the oratory, you’ll discover a substantial bed of stones arranged in the shape of a burial plot. Atop this bed, there is a distinct Latin cross marking.


The beautiful Gallarus Oratory is located on the Slea Head Drive, close to the charming village of Ballyferriter. On the R559, after passing Ballyferriter Village, continue for exactly 5km until you reach a T junction. While the main road goes off to the left, you will need to turn right. Look out for the entrance of the Gallarus Oratory, located just 50m on the left.


When visiting the Gallarus Oratory, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a dedicated parking area conveniently located near the site.

This well-maintained and easily accessible parking area ensures a hassle-free experience for visitors. With plenty of available car park spaces, you won’t encounter any difficulty in finding a spot for your car.

History of Gallarus Oratory

It has been described differently by various experts throughout history. In 1756, antiquary Charles Smith believed it to be an early Christian stone church.

Later, in 1970, archaeologist Peter Harbison suggested that it could be a 12th-century Romanesque church.

In 1994, Harbison changed his interpretation and proposed that it might have served as a shelter for pilgrims. According to local tradition at the time of Charles Smith, the oratory was attributed to Griffith More, who built it as a funerary chapel for himself or his family.

Despite its historical significance, there is limited archaeological evidence regarding the period of construction and use of the oratory.

The Window

Window in Gallarus Oratory
Window in Gallarus Oratory

The chapel is dimly lit, featuring a small round-headed window on the east wall, directly across from the entrance door. The window widens as it reaches the inner part of the wall.

A local tradition states that climbing through this tiny window guarantees access to heaven. However, it should be noted that the window is only large enough for children to be passed through.

Additionally, it is important to respect the locals’ wishes, as they do not appreciate the act of passing children through the window.

Opening Hours

The Gallarus Oratory is open to visitors throughout the year. The opening hours are 24/7, allowing visitors to explore the site at their convenience.

Gallarus Oratory Visitor Centre

The Gallarus Oratory Visitor Centre is located near the Gallarus Oratory and offers a wealth of information about this ancient site. Here, visitors can delve into the history and significance of the oratory, as well as learn about the construction techniques used in its creation.

In addition to informative displays, the visitor centre also provides restroom facilities and a gift shop. Take a moment to browse through the selection of unique souvenirs and local crafts, perfect for bringing a piece of Irish heritage home with you.

Entrance Fee

There is no entrance fee to visit the Gallarus Oratory. You can explore this ancient historical site without any financial burden. However, please note that there is a fee for accessing information from the Gallarus Oratory Visitor Centre.

Is it worthwhile to make a payment?

Visiting the Gallarus Oratory is an experience that is truly worth it, and what you gain from it is entirely up to you. While there is no entrance fee to explore the chapel structure, investing in the information available at the Gallarus Oratory Visitor Centre can truly enrich your visit.

The visitor center offers valuable insights into the history and significance of the oratory, as well as the construction techniques employed in its creation. Its unique design, characterized by its corbel vaulting technique and absence of mortar, distinguishes it from other historical sites.

What is the recommended amount of time needed?

The amount of time needed to explore the Gallarus Oratory can vary depending on your level of interest and exploration. On average, visitors spend about 30 minutes at the site.

However, if you are someone who loves delving into history and admiring architectural details, it is recommended to allocate at least an hour for a comprehensive visit.

This will give you ample time to appreciate the unique design, explore the surroundings, and soak in the spiritual atmosphere.

Remember to factor in additional time if you plan to visit the Gallarus Oratory Visitor Centre, as it provides more information and insights about the oratory and its significance.


Visiting the Gallarus Oratory is a memorable experience that combines history, architecture, and incredible views. Located on the Dingle Peninsula, this well-preserved early Christian church offers visitors a glimpse into the past.

The oratory’s unique design and stunning location in a picturesque valley with views of the Atlantic Ocean make it worth the trip.

With no entrance fee and easy accessibility for wheelchair users, it’s a historical site that is accessible to all. Allocate at least an hour for your visit to fully explore and appreciate the beauty and significance of this ancient site.

Make sure to stop by the visitor center to enhance your understanding of the oratory’s construction techniques and archaeological findings. It is a great amenity so close to Dingle town.

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