Garden of Europe


The Garden of Europe in Listowel, once a landfill site, is now a serene haven with over 2,500 trees and shrubs symbolizing the EU. Open year-round with no admission fees, it offers peace and beauty.

Drone picture of the Garden of Europe in Listowel

A monument to Holocaust victims and a bust of Schiller adorn the garden. Best visited in autumn, it’s a short walk from Listowel, accessible by car or bus.


The entrance to the Garden of Europe is located on the Tralee side of Listowel. As you leave Listowel, just before reaching the bridge, turn left and park next to the outdoor handball alley.

Listowel River Feale
River Feale

Follow the Feale River for about 200 metres, then turn left. After approximately 100 metres, you will find it on your right.


It was the old landfill site of Listowel. In 1995, this former landfill site underwent a remarkable transformation into the Garden of Europe.

Today, it boasts over 2,500 – 3,000 trees and shrubs meticulously arranged into 12 sections symbolizing the original 12 members of the European Union.

Listowel's Garden of Europe
Listowel’s Garden of Europe

The vision for this serene public space was brought to life by Paddy and Carmel Fitzgibbon, offering a peaceful haven.

What is in the Garden of Europe?

Memorial if the Holocaust in Listowel's Garden of Europe

In the garden, there stands a monument honouring the victims of the Holocaust on one side, and on the opposite end, a bust of the poet Schiller, known for writing the “Ode to Joy” which later became the European anthem. The garden is well maintained with benches to sit on.

A bust of the poet Schiller in Listowel's Garden of Europe
A bust of the poet Schiller in Listowel’s Garden of Europe

Opening times

It is open all year round 24 hours a day seven days a week.

How much does it cost to go into the Garden of Europe?

There are no admission fees to visit the Garden of Europe and it is a great amenity to have so near to Listowel.

How big is it?

Memorial of the outline of Johns B Keane head of the outline of Johns B Keane head in Garden of Europe
Memorial of the outline of Johns B Keane head

Unfortunately, it is not very big. If you just want to walk through it, you will do so in 2 to 3 minutes. However, if you stop to see the memorials, and shrubs, or simply sit down on the benches, you would feel like you are out in the middle of the countryside, not near a big town.

What is the best time to visit the garden?

I think the best time to visit the garden is in autumn. All the leaves will be changing colours, and it will be beautiful.

How to get to the Garden of Europe from Tralee?


Travel on the N69 for half an hour until you reach the bridge leading into Listowel. Cross over the bridge and turn right as if you are going under it. There are plenty of parking spots available, and the Garden of Europe is about a 5-minute walk away.

Listowel Bridge over the River Feale
Listowel Bridge over the River Feale


Take the 272 bus from Tralee. Keep an eye out for the bridge leading into Listowel and get off at the centre of Listowel Town. It will only be a 5-minute walk from the centre to the bridge.


Whether you are seeking a quiet place to reflect or a peaceful setting to enjoy the beauty of nature, the Garden of Europe in Listowel is a must-visit destination.

With its well-maintained paths, memorials, and benches, it offers a chance to connect with nature and reflect on the beauty of the world around us.

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