Kerry Woods


Step into a world of serenity, with sounds of nature that bring peace to the soul and the feeling of mossy rocks beneath your feet as you traverse ancient pathways through forests of ancient trees.

Whether embarking on a magical exploration or an invigorating hike, there are countless paths and routes to take for adventurers young and old

So come join me on a journey through some of the most popular various County Kerry forest trails and find out what awaits you in Kerry Woods.

Fairy house in Faha Forest 1

Faha Wood

About 36 km from Killarney is the majestic Faha Wood, which features several walking trails. In terms of walking trails, Faha Wood offers three options: the Glenbeigh Fairy Forest Walk (3 km), a Part of the “Kerry Way” (3 km), and Rossbeigh Hill Walk (10 km).

While none of these walks are exactly strenuous, the ground can get slippery and make the climb tricky at places, especially after rain. 2 out of 3 trails offer spectacular views of the Dingle Peninsula and Rossbeigh beach.

Reflection of mountain in a lake in Glenteenassig Woods

Glanteenassig Woods

With a name that translates to ”the valley of waterfalls,” one can imagine how scenic Glanteenassig Woods is.

With 1,100 acres of woods sprinkled with waterfalls and lakes set amid majestic mountains, the walking trails here offer a glimpse of natural beauty that few other places can boast of.

When you are visiting here you can either explore the woods on your own or choose from the three marked sign-ways there – Red Loop (<2 km), Orange Loop (<0.4 km, wheelchair friendly), and Blue Loop (<1 km)

Ruin of John Blennerhasset's house in Ballyseedy Woods

Ballyseedy Woods

Just 4 km from Tralee is the hidden gem Ballyseedy Woods, which is frequented by locals but often overlooked or missed by tourists.

Despite being so close to civilization, one can hear wildlife when taking a walk here. The walking trail is only around 1.5 km, but the entire woodland recreational amenity of Ballyseedy spreads over 80 acres.

There are over 22 varieties of trees here, some of which are even marked.

River in Glanageenty Woods

Glanageenty Woods

If you enjoy dense forests that come alive with the vibrancy of flora and fauna around, then Glanageenty Woods is a must-visit for you.

There are three walking trails here – Glanageenty Loop (45 minutes, green signposts), Lenihan Loop (90 minutes, blue signposts), and Bernard Brothers Loop (150 minutes, purple signposts).

The first two require moderate physical fitness while the last is strenuous.

Killarney Lakes

Killarney National Park

Ireland’s first national park, Killarney National Park, remains a popular tourist destination for locals and tourists alike even today.

There are several walking trails here, including Torc Waterfall, Innisfallen Island, and Old Kenmare Road, but the Muckross Lake Loop Walk is one of the best.

At 15 km, the trail will offer you 3-4 hours of spellbinding views of the lake and the Muckross Grounds.

Statute of Mary & William with the Rose Wall behind them in Tralee Town Park

Tralee Town Park

Located in the heart of Tralee, the 35-acre Tralee Town Park has much to see, from the stunning rose garden to the Garden of Senses. The walking trail around the town park is about 1.5 km and is ideal for a lazy stroll when you’re in the mood to enjoy beautiful landscapes dotted with flowers.

It is a good place to pass a little bit of time when other people are shopping in town.


Rain gear and comfortable walking shoes are a must on all walking trails since the Irish weather can be unpredictable and the ground can get slippery.

When in Ireland, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy natural beauty at its best; carve out a few hours at the least to enjoy any one of these magnificent nature trails.

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