Killarney Beach

What is the nearest beach to Killarney?

Killarney is in the centre of Kerry. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any beach or Port. The nearest blue flag beach to Killarney is Rossbeigh which is 34 km away.

Rossbeigh beach

Rossbeigh beach extends over 6 miles and garners tourists’ attention as a quiet, picturesque, and serene location. Giant Hills and flourishing countryside give this stretch a quaint feel.

Drone photo of Rossbeigh Beach, Sandunes and sea fog in the distance.
Rossbiegh Beach

It is equipped with all basic amenities for visitors, which makes the location especially appealing to families and couples.

A lovely playground, plenty of parking, and a restaurant along the coast make visiting convenient. And tourists enjoy swimming, and water sports on days with good weather.

Many even enjoy a walk along the stretch or a picnic near the sand dunes to take in the beautiful and calm surroundings. The beach’s cleanliness and beautiful rocks and pebbles definitely add to its charm.

Disable parking spaces at Rossbeigh Beach
Picnic tables at Rossbeigh Beach

Everything is well planned – you have public restrooms, and freshwater showers at the exit. Because It is a blue flag beach there will be a lifeguard on during the summer months on duty at certain times of the day which can be seen on the notice board. If you’re around Glenbeigh, we recommend stopping by; it’s only a 5-10-minute drive.


The playground at Rossbeigh is excellent entertainment for families with children. It is suitable for younger and older kids and quite well maintained. There are also basketball and tennis courts and an enclosed picnic area for those who come for the scenery but don’t wish to step into the water.

There is plenty of parking at the beach. Many tourists and locals go for a walk along the golden sandy beach. Collect smooth, unusual stones and seashells while you are walking. You can see many types of birds on the beach so sit down and do some bird watching.

In Rossbeigh you can go horse trekking. Burke Beach Riding has got good reviews.

It is facing the Atlantic Ocean so you will think it would be good for surfing but surprisingly it is not. If you want to do some surfing, I would recommend you go to the Blue Flag beach called Inch. It is 41 km away from Killarney by taking the road R563.

The Sunbeam

In early 2014, storms wreaked havoc in many parts of Ireland. On Rossbeigh beach, the 19th-century schooner named Sunbeam, which was partially buried in the sand for more than a century, was washed 100 meters up the beach.

The schooner was wrecked in a storm in 1903, with no fatalities. For more than a century, the wreck’s remains peeked over the sands and have become a part of the fabric of local history. The vessel’s remains are exceptionally well preserved, considering how long it has been.

Experts believe being buried in the sand protected the Sunbeam from the elements and degradation to a great degree. With the wreck being washed ashore and entirely exposed, there were concerns about its degradation. Local authorities sought to protect the landmark and reportedly reburied it.

There were talks of preserving it in a museum, but the local sentiment was more toward having the Sunbeam as a part of Rossbeigh. Since 2014 there has been another big storm and the Sunbeam was moved by the ocean 1 mile further down the beach.

Presently the Sunbeam is fully submerged in the sand (2022) but with time it may become dislodged again so Glenbeigh might preserve it then.

Glenbeigh Village

Often referred to as one of the most scenic villages in Ireland, Glenbeigh is a picturesque gem tucked between hills and mountains. With its old-world charm, Glenbeigh has much to offer tourists looking for quaint destinations. Check out my web page on Glenbeigh Village here.

The village of Glenbeigh in Kerry

Between Glenbeigh and Rossbeigh, visitors can gain a wholesome experience no matter their preference. Be it fishing, kayaking, windsurfing, golfing, bird watching, and horse riding or simply admiring breath-taking views, Glenbeigh and Rossbeigh offer something for everyone.

Fishing on Rossbeigh Beach and the surrounding area

Many people fish for sea bass on the beach. If you like freshwater fishing on the way to Rossbeigh Beach you will pass through a town called Killorglin. There is good freshwater fishing there.

If you want to go freshwater fishing you need to get a licence. You will get a licence from one of the shops near the river in Killorglin. The bailiffs are always patrolling that river and Caragh Lake. Caragh Lake is on the way to the beach as well just past Killorglin.

The beach has been badly damaged over the last 10 years by the winter storms. It has been estimated by 1 Irish newspaper that it has lost 5 million tons of sand.

2.50 km away is the quiet picturesque village of Glenbeigh. It is nestled in between the mountains and the beach. It has many places to eat and drink. There is always a good atmosphere around the town.

Is there a Golf Course near Rossbeigh?

Putting Green and Bunkers at Dooks Golf Course
Dooks Golf Course

If you are interested in playing golf, Dooks golf course is only 5 km from Glenbeigh. It is an 18-hole golf course.


Rossbeigh and Glenbeigh are must-visits when you’re in Kerry next and have a few days to spare. While the landscapes will be the highlight of your trip, local hospitality and village life and culture will give you a much-needed break from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Go for a trip with your family for some leisure time or with your special someone for a romantic getaway – you won’t regret it either way.

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