Puck Fair

Puck Fair is celebrated each year from the 10th to the 12th of August. The first recorded mention of Puck Fair was during the 17th century. Oliver Cromwell was just about to attack the town, when a wild goat came through the town alerting the townspeople that something was wrong.

6 reasons why you should go Puck

  • Free Music
  • Open Air Trading
  • Craft Fair
  • Fireworks Display
  • Horse Fair
  • Amusements
The Puck Goat looking down at the crowds in Puck Fair
The Puck Goat looking down at the crowds in Puck Fair

Puck Fair Festival

The festival begins each year when a young person walks up to the top of the town with a puck goat. This symbolizes the warning people got all those years ago. The goat is then hoisted up onto a ledge so he can look down on the crowd. It remains here for the duration of the festival. A designated person is responsible for the health, safety, and well-being of the goat. It is fed and watered regularly.

Feeding the goat at Puck Fair
Feeding the goat at Puck Fair
The Puck Goat down safely from stand in Puck Fair
The Puck Goat down safely from stand

Is it cruel to have a Puck Fair Goat being hoisted up to a level looking down on the people?

The animal rights group, Aran, tried to stop the Puck Goat from being caged and going up to a high level. They said it was cruel and unnecessary with all drunken people below the goat.

In 2015, Aran, was due to have a protest at the Festival but emails and abusive phone calls were received by a man so they had to call off the Protest.

  • He is watered and fed every day.
  • He is not left dangling up over the crowd. He is on a ledge.
  • He is brought down at least once during the festival.

It brings in an estimated €7 million in revenue for each festival.

The Real Brothers playing an outside in Puck Fair
The Real Brothers playing an outside in Puck Fair

There is Traditional Irish Music

Traditional music is provided on the streets free of charge by many different wonderful musicians and artists.

Birds Amusements in Puck Fair
Birds Amusements

Is there Amusements at Puck Fair?

Birds amusements will keep children and adults alike happy for hours on end.  When I was a child, I loved going along to the amusements. It was by far my favorite part of the festival. They use the same car park at the top of the town each year. Birds amusements will go to the Rose of Tralee after Puck Fair.

Stall at Puck Fair
Stall at Puck Fair
Stall at Puck Fair
Stall at Puck Fair

Where is the Open Air Trading?

Traders set up stalls along both sides of the main street. You literally can find anything and everything from toys to jewellery, clothing and footwear to name just a few.

Toys made out wood in the craft fair at Puck Festival
Stall at Puck FairToys made out wood in the craft fair at Puck FestivalStall at Puck Fair

Where is the Craft Fair?

At the top of Killorglin town in the Square, there is a craft fair every year. People can show off their hidden talents and make some money as well. Also, there is live street music for when people going around the stalls looking at the hidden crafts people made.

Woman taking a pint of Guinness off a bar counter

When are the Pubs open during Puck Fair?

Some pubs are open each day from 9 am to 3 am the following morning. I don’t know how the landlords keep going. The atmosphere is fantastic.

3 nosing horses

When is the Horse Fair at the Puck Festival?

The first day begins with the horse fair. It is held each year in a field just outside the town at the Milltown side. When the deal is done, a price is agreed between both parties and tied with a handshake. When the shaking of the hands takes place, there is no going back.

Fireworks display at night

When is Fireworks Display?

Puck fair ends with a magical firework display on the 12th of August. What better way to end the festival?

I would recommend everyone experience Puck Fair at least once in their lifetime. I go every year without fail as I have had so many happy childhood memories. Here is a link to the committee webpage.

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