Skellig Six 18 Distillery

Skellig Six 18 is a distillery that is thriving and creating opportunities for those that live in Kerry.

They are located in the heart of Cahersiveen and offer informative distillery tours where you can learn about the delicate process of making Skellig Six 18’s famous Artisan Pot Still Gin, as well as tasting sessions where you can try a variety of gins and whiskeys.

If you are an environmentally conscious traveller, then you will be happy to know that sustainability is at the forefront of Skellig Six 18’s mind.

Not only is all of their water collected on-site through environmentally friendly means, but they also have community growth and regeneration at the forefront of everything that they do.

Entrance to Skellig Six 18 Distillery
Skellig Six 18 Distillery

Due to the highly unique, and frankly beautiful, location of Skellig Six 18, they are able to distil and mature spirits to a very high level.

And, in order to further support the unique flavour and local elements of their spirits, they uses only the very best, and personally selected, Irish botanical ingredients that are locally sourced on land or sea.

This explains why Skellig Six 18 is an award-winning distillery.

Not only have they won the Double Gold award in the International Spirits Challenge Awards in 2022 for its distillery tour but Skellig Six 18’s gin itself is also award-winning, as it was recognised in the World Gin Awards in 2021, specifically within the design category.

It is not all about gin at Skellig Six 18! The distillery is working towards continued growth, as they are hoping to not only produce gin on site but also whiskey in the coming years.

One of their goals is to bring back the Irish Single Pot Still Whiskey home to Kerry.

They will be doing this using a traditional Irish technique of triple-distilled mash of malted and unmalted barley, and distilling it using three copper pot stills but, of course, with the unique Skellig Six 18 flavour and taste to it.

You will be happy to hear that it is located close to many nearby tourist hotspots.

Whether you are exploring the Wild Atlantic Way or the Ring of Kerry, visiting the UNESCO Heritage Site of Skellig Michael, preparing to spend the night at the Dark Sky Reserve, or doing the Skellig Ring, why not stop off at the Skellig Six 18 distillery and try some of their award-winning produce? You will not regret it!

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