The Conor Pass

The Conor Pass is a mountain pass located in the Dingle Peninsula of County Kerry, Ireland.

The pass is considered to be one of the most dangerous roads in Ireland due to its narrow width and sharp turns. Despite this, the pass is a popular tourist destination due to its scenic views.

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dingle.

The pass is known for its dramatic cliff, breathtaking views, and challenging hiking trails. It is a great place to enjoy the outdoors and one of the many attractions that Dingle has to offer.


The pass is situated on the Dingle peninsula between the villages of Coghane and Dingle and is one of the most scenic routes in the country. The pass is also home to a number of historical sites.

What is the Conor Pass Length

The pass is approximately 1.9km long

What is the Conor Pass Height?

It is one of the highest passes in Ireland, at an elevation of 1,490ft.

Where is Pedlar’s Lake in the Conor Pass?

Most people have never heard of Pedlar’s Lake, and that’s because it’s hidden away. And Pedlar’s Lake is a small, circular lake located off the beaten path, about a half-hour hike from the Conor Pass.

So why bother making the trek out to Pedlar’s Lake? For starters, it’s incredibly peaceful and secluded.

The only sounds you’ll hear are the birds singing and the gentle ripple of water as you take a dip in this hidden lake. It’s also surrounded by towering cliffs, which make for some stunning views.

The Conor Pass Waterfall

The Conor Pass Waterfall is one of the most popular tourist attractions in County Kerry. The falls are best viewed from the viewing platform, which offers stunning views of both the waterfall and the surrounding countryside. More than likely it is fed by Pedlar’s Lake but I can’t be sure.

The Car Park

The Conor Pass looking down at Dingle Town
Dingle Town

The scenic car park is located at the top of the pass and is a good place to start your journey if you are on the Dingle side. At your back, you can see Dingle bay.

In front of you is the Corrie Lakes & Brandon bay.

The Corrie Lakes
The Conor Pass

From here, you can see the winding road to the bottom of the pass. The car park is also a good place to rest and enjoy the view before heading down the pass.

Can you drive it?

The answer is yes! The Conor Pass is a great place to drive. However, there are a few things you should know before you hit this narrow road.

First, the Conor Pass is only for experienced drivers because it has many narrow sections. If you’re not comfortable driving in windy, mountainous conditions, this isn’t the place for you.

Second, be sure to check the weather forecast before you go. If it’s going to be rainy or snowy, it’s best to wait for another day.

Image by Marcel from Pixabay

Third, take your time when driving. There are many twists and turns on the road, so it’s important to go slow and be cautious.

If you are afraid of heights but you would like to do the Conor Pass I would recommend going up it from Castlegregory or Cloghane instead of coming down it.

That way you will be on the inside and all the traffic coming against you will have to go around you looking down at the sharp cliff. You will have to stop anyway to let the oncoming traffic past you on the outside.

Lastly, some truck drivers coming from Tralee and following the sat-nav get stuck halfway up it. I don’t know how they get the truck down the Conor Pass. They can’t turn so more than likely they have to reverse down it with a guide.

Is the Conor Pass open all year round?

Every year, tourists come to see the stunning scenery. However, many people are wondering if the Conor Pass is open in winter.

The answer is yes! The Conor Pass is open all year round, even in winter. However, there are some things that visitors need to know before they go.

Frozen leaf
Image by Myléne from Pixabay

For example, the roads can be very slippery and dangerous in winter, so it’s important to drive carefully. Also, if the weather is too bad the pass will be closed.

Vehicle size

Anything over 2 tons is not let on the pass. HGVs will undoubtedly get stuck. Camper vans & cars pulling a caravan are not let on it either as they also might get stuck.

Dealing with oncoming traffic

The pass is one of the most dangerous in Ireland. Every year, there are accidents on the Conor Pass. It is narrow and winding, with steep drop-offs on one side.

There is very little room for error. Drivers must be alert and cautious at all times. Lay-bys are located on the pass to let oncoming traffic pass.

Is it really as scary as people say?

Many people believe that the Conor Pass is one of the most dangerous places in Ireland. After all, it is a narrow mountain pass with a sheer drop on one side. And, in the past, there have been several accidents on the pass.

The Conor Pass

But, in reality, the Conor Pass is no more dangerous than any other mountain pass. Yes, it is narrow and there is a drop-off on one side. But, if you take your time and drive carefully, there is no reason to be scared.

Do people cycle the Conor Pass?

The pass is a challenging but rewarding ride. The scenery along the route is stunning and the sense of achievement at the end is unbeatable. So, do people cycle the Conor Pass? Absolutely! But it is not for the faint-hearted.


In conclusion, Conor Pass is a great place to visit if you are looking for a breathtaking view. The winding roads and cliffs make for a very scenic drive. There are also many hiking trails in the area that are perfect for a day of exploring.

If you are looking for a place to relax and take in the beauty of nature, Conor Pass is the perfect destination.

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