Things To Do In Castlegregory

The beautifully quaint village of Castlegregory is located on the northern side of The Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry. It is on The wild Atlantic Way.

Known for its stunning green landscapes, clean sandy beaches, and wild seas, Castlegregory has been previously called “the most beautiful place on earth” by National Geographic.

Within our guide to Castlegregory, we have included our top ten things to do in Castlegregory, as well as the very best places to eat and stay.

Whether you are looking for excitement and adventure, or a relaxing and unwinding getaway to the Irish countryside, Castlegregory has something to offer for everyone.

The perfect day out – Sandy Feet Farm

The perfect family fun-filled day out, Sandy Feet Farm is a family-run farm and cafe which allows children of all ages to get a hands-on experience with a variety of friendly animals.

From hearing a chicken, alpaca and cows speak in the Talking Animals Area to exploring the beautifully created sensory garden, your children will have the best time at Sandy Feet Farm.

The on-site cafe is the perfect place to take a break from the exploration as you drink some of their freshly and locally sourced ground coffee or try a slice of their renowned apple pie.

The family owners are also very hands-on, and you will probably bump into many of them during your time at Sandy Feet Farm.

Trek through the Irish countryside & mountain ranges on horseback

If you are looking to explore the beautiful countryside around Castlegregory, then why not head to West Kerry Trekking for a truly unique experience.

West Kerry Trekking sign on a gate
West Kerry Trekking

Located in the quaint village of Camp, a 9-minute drive from Castlegregory, West Kerry Trekking offers horse riding experiences with a difference.

Not only will you be able to take in the magnificent views of Tralee and Brandon Bay, you will also ride through history as you trek down the old Tralee/Dingle railway, which dates back to 1891.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to travel out to Camp, then you can choose O’Connor’s Trekking And Horse Riding. With routes, trainers, and horses that are equipped to help riders with a mixture of abilities and experience, everyone can have an enjoyable horse riding experience.

O’Connor’s specializes in horse riding adventures along the beautiful Atlantic coast and beach, with treks either lasting one or two hours.

Take A Revitalizing Walk

The surrounding area of Castlegregory, as well as County Kerry as a whole, has many natural wonders to discover and explore. Below, we have included two of the most popular walks to go on whilst you are visiting Castlegregory.

Loch a Dúin

Travel back through time as you journey through Loch a Duin, or The Lake Of The Fort, as you discover the 89 monuments that date back over 2,000 years to the Bronze Age and further back.

Some monuments to be on the lookout for include: a wedge tomb, various rock art formations, and the fulachta fia (or cooking station).

Be sure to walk along the ancient walls, which date back to 1300BC, and take in the beautiful hawthorn flowers that, the legend says, are the home to fairies.

With a mountain formation that dates back to the last Ice Age over 11,700 years ago, the entire area is steeped with history, which nature fans, geologists, and historians will find equally interesting.

Glanteenassig Woods

Hidden within the valley of the Slieve Mish mountains, the Glanteenassig Woods spans over 1,100 acres and is home to a series of beautiful waterfalls and lakes. This undisturbed forest has three separate walks that visitors can embark on with moderate level of difficulty.

Reflection of mountain in a lake in Glenteenassig Woods 5
Glenteenassig Woods

The orange loop, the blue loop, and the red loop. The three different walks allow the area to be accessible for all visitors, with the red loop being the most difficult for those looking for rough terrain, and the orange and blue loops are both relatively easy walks, with the orange trail being wheelchair-friendly. See my web page on Glanteenassig Woods here.


If you would rather cycle than walk when you are exploring Castlegregory and its surrounding areas, then there is a large variety of routes available depending on your ability and cycling experience.

From the Castlegregory Village Family Cycle, which will take you around the center of the village and down to Castlegregory beach, to the Camp and Maharees Loop that follows The Dingle Peninsula around the coastal path through forests and along mountain sides, there are biking trails for everyone.

You may not have brought your bicycle with you for your holiday, which is very understandable as they are quite large. If this is the case, The Beach Box, located in the heart of Castlegregory village offers a bike rental service and will have all the equipment you will need to go on your cycling adventure.

Have a relaxing day at Castlegregory Beach

If your idea of the perfect vacation does not involve cycling or walking around the local scenic areas and you would rather have a relaxing day at the beach, then you should head to Castlegregory Beach.

Picture of the Slieve Mish mountains taken from Castlegregory Beach
Castlegregory Beach

Stretching 4/5 kilometers along the Tralee Bay coastline, this sandy beach was awarded the Green Coast Award in 2019, because of the beach’s clear waters and natural beauty.

With ample parking, visiting Castlegregory’s beach is an absolute must for those looking for a relaxing holiday.

Get your adrenaline fix with some watersport activities

It may be a surprise for you to learn that Castlegregory and the local area surrounding it are actually well known for its watersport activities.

Not only does it have the perfect conditions for various watersports activities, with its shore feeding into the North Atlantic Ocean, but the area is also home to the oldest family-run watersports company in the whole of Ireland, Waterworld.

If you are a keen diver or wish to learn how to scuba dive, then why not learn or improve your skills with the passionate and experienced team at Waterworld?

Jamie Knox bookings container on the Maharees Beach
Splash Sports

If your idea of watersports is more above water rather than below, then you should definitely head down to Splash Sports.

These watersports enthusiasts host an enormous variety of watersports, from surfing classes to powerboat trips as well as smaller activities such as kayaking, water trampolining, and boogie boarding.

Dare yourself to do something different and head down to one of these watersport companies during your stay in Castlegregory.

Tee Off at Castlegregory Golf Links

With undisturbed views of Lough Gill and Brandon Bay, this spectacular nine-hole golf course with a par of 68 is a must-visit attraction for all golf fans.

Last year Castlegregory’s golf course was named as one of the 50 best 9 hole golf courses in the world and was placed at number 21.

Putting green right beside the Castlegregory Golf and Fishing Clubhouse
Castlegregory Golf Course

With spectacular facilities including a recently built clubhouse, perfect for unwinding after a long day on the fairway as well as an equipment shop and rental for those wishing to purchase new golfing equipment or rent pieces if you did not come fully prepared.

Try Your Hand At Fishing

Both fresh-water fishing and sea fishing are two popular pass times for visitors of Castlegregory.

With an abundance of lakes and rivers around the village, many novice or inexperienced fishers try fresh-water fishing during their holiday in Ireland (although you must remember to get a permit to legally fish).

For those feeling more adventurous, sea fishing is an exciting pass time in this part of the world. Due to the North Atlantic Drift, Castlegregory and its surrounding areas can receive up to 80 different species of fish at any one time and even the occasional shark (out at sea).

If a day out on a fishing boat, breathing in the fresh sea air and seeing if you can catch a large fish sounds good to you, then there are plenty of fishing trips available in the local area.

We recommend either visiting Brandon Creek, Castlegregory Beach, or Kilcummin for your day out at sea.

Maharees Beach

Castlegregory is filled with so many exciting activities to enjoy that we doubt you’ll run out of something to do. But, if you tire of this beautiful village, then why not head to somewhere a little more relaxing?

Drone footage of Maherees Beach
Maherees Beach

The Maharees has a beautiful beach close to Castlegregory (you should be able to make it to Maharees beach in around 7 minutes by car).

If you want to find out more about Maharees beach, then check out our post, covering everything there is to do at this glorious location.

Looking to explore the surrounding area as well?

Of course, you will not only want to see the village of Castlegregory whilst you visit this beautiful area, if you are visiting Ireland from overseas, then we recommend hiring a car and exploring the local area of Castlegregory as it has so much to offer.

Here are two highly recommended places to drive to whilst you are on holiday.

Slea Head Drive

If you want to witness some of the most naturally beautiful areas that Ireland has to offer, then you must travel along the Slea Head Drive.

As you adventure along steep cliffs, dramatic coastlines and witness various historical sites, Slea Head Drive takes approximately 1 hour to drive (if you decide not to stop).

Slea Head Drive
Slea Head Drive

Be sure to stop in the historical villages and towns along the way, two you will pass through are Dingle Town and Ventry Village, which are steeped in Irish history and culture.

Fans of Star Wars will want to stop at the Beehive Huts at Fahan, as they featured similar structures in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Rough seas at Coumeenoole Beach
Rough seas at Coumeenoole Beach

The drive will also take to you to seaside spots such as Coumeenoole Beach and Dun Chaoin Pier where you can take a rest from driving and listen to the relaxing waves.

If you wish to stop at all the beautiful and interesting spots that Slea Head Drive is connected to, you will need at least 4 to 5 hours to fully immerse yourself. See my web page on Slea Head Drive here.

The Conor Pass

For those individuals that love to drive on the most adrenaline-inducing roads that the world has to offer, then you will definitely enjoy Conor Pass.

With steep drops, a narrow road, and sharp cliff faces, the journey is not for the faint-hearted. But the road also offers you absolutely spectacular views of the mountain valleys and corrie lakes, so it is definitely worth it.

Live like the locals and find your favorite Castlegregory Bar

What is a trip to Ireland without visiting a few of the local bars and pubs? It should be the top of any travel itinerary (for those that are of age) to try a pint of Guinness whilst you are in Ireland.

Both Bolands Bar and Maurice Fitzgerald’s Bar, Hostel & Cafe are well known in the village of Castlegregory for their good food, live music, and fun atmospheres.

The front door of Fitzgerald Bar in Castlegregory
Fitzgerald Bar

With both bars located in the heart of Castlegregory village, you will definitely not miss them, so do not forget to visit at least one of these quaint Irish pubs.

O’Neill’s pub is located next door to the Junction Bar (see below). Their traditional music session every Sunday night is a must-see.

The best restaurants

With any holiday, you will want to eat at the best restaurants that the local area has to offer. Below, we have included our top four picks of the best places to eat in Castlegregory.

Pisces Restaurant

When you visit any seaside location, you absolutely have to visit a seafood restaurant to sample some of the locally sourced fresh fish and shellfish.

If you enjoy seafood, then we recommend you visit Pisces Restaurant. Located on the outskirts of Castlegregory village center, on the road down to the beach, Pisces Restaurant is known for its fresh and locally sourced lobster, prawns, and crab.

Pisces Restaurant in Castlegregory
Pisces Restaurant in Castlegregory

Don’t worry, if you dislike seafood, they also have meat and vegetarian options as well.

Milesian Restaurant

If you want to treat yourself, and perhaps your loved one or family members, to a fancy gourmet-style meal, then look no further than Milesian Restaurant.

Located in the heart of Castlegregory village, this old-worldy restaurant offers your usual favorite gourmet meals at the fraction of their normal price.

From duck to locally sourced seafood and delicious vegetarian dishes, Milesian Restaurant is perfect for an extra special meal.

The Junction Bar (Camp)

The Junction Bar, Camp
The Junction Bar, Camp

If you are looking for the perfect Irish pub, then look no further than The Junction Bar. Open for both lunch and dinner, this quaint pub makes you feel like a local and offers you a true taste of Ireland. And, like any trip to Ireland, you absolutely must try a pint of Guinness.

Ashes Pub & Restaurant (Camp)

Ashes Pub & Restaurant, offers excellent-looking and tasting food that is affordable. Located in the heart of the village of Camp, this picturesque gastropub looks as wonderful on the inside as it does on the outside.


Finally, if we have convinced you that Castlegregory is the perfect place for your vacation, then you will need somewhere to stay. We have included our top three recommendations of places to stay whilst you visit Castlegregory, with an option that will appeal to any kind of tourist.

Glamping at Coach Field Camp

Located in the nearby village of Camp, which is only a 9-minute drive from the village center of Castlegregory, Coach Field Camp allows you to camp in style with four sturdy wooden walls keeping you warm.

Glamping Pods in Coach Field Camp
Glamping Pods in Coach Field, Camp

These brightly colored red and yellow pods and are decorated in their own unique style sleep either four or six per pod with a communal kitchen and dining area where you can socialize and meet new people.

And to top it all off, the Coach Field Camp is located only 10 minutes walk away from the beach.

Sandy Bay Caravan Park

If you are looking for a little more privacy, but you still wish to feel like you are out in nature, then perhaps you may prefer to stay at Sandy Bay Caravan Park.

With beautiful seafront views, this caravan park is fun for all the family as you have a children’s playground on-site and there is plenty of fun to be had with the beach so close by.

With pitches available for tents, traveling campers, and caravans available, you will easily find a place for yourself here.

The Shores Country House

Perhaps camping or staying in a caravan is not for you and you prefer your creature comforts on holiday, then why not enjoy a luxurious 5-star stay at The Shores Country House.

With beautifully styled rooms, breakfast included and spectacular ocean view rooms, this gorgeous B&B has it all.

That concludes our guide to the top things to do in Castlegregory. We hope you have found activities that you wish to experience in this beautiful corner of Ireland, whether that is one of our fun-filled adventurous activities or one of our more laid-back relaxing alternatives.

With so much to see and do around this quaint village, there will not be a dull day during your stay in Castlegregory.

Check out my web pages on the Ring of Kerry Drive, The Skellig Ring and Slea Head Drive.