Things to do in Dingle

Are you looking for a getaway like no other? Then look no further than the picturesque fishing town of Dingle.

This charming coastal town boasts stunning landscapes, friendly locals, and numerous activities sure to entice all kinds of travelers.

The Butterfly Room at Dingle Aquarium
The Butterfly Room at Dingle Aquarium

From its unique culture, ancient history, and busy fishing port to spectacular natural beauty, fresh seafood, and incredible hikes – there’s so much to do in Dingle that you won’t know what to do with yourself!

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Whether you’re looking for some exciting outdoor adventures or simply want to soak up the atmosphere, here are 33 unforgettable things to do in Dingle that will leave you wanting more!

Embark on the Journey of a Lifetime Through Dingle’s Majestic Conor Pass!

Embark on a journey of captivating scenery and a winding road that will take your breath away. Dingle’s Conor Pass is a magnificent drive through the Dingle hills, dotted with postcard-worthy landscape views.

The Conor Pass
The Conor Pass

Cruise through the breathtaking Conor Pass, home to the highest mountain pass in Ireland and enjoy splendid views from Slieve Mish Mountains all the way down to the breathtaking expanse of the wild Atlantic shoreline.

Experience the unique beauty of this extraordinary pass, which includes rolling valleys, cascading waterfalls, and spectacular mountain peaks.

Conor Pass looking down at Dingle Town
Conor Pass looking down at Dingle Town

Marvel at the contrast between vibrant green hillsides and the steel grey sea and watch as the road winds its way up and around this steep mountain, past lakes, and isolated farms. Your journey through Dingle’s majestic Conor Pass will truly be a drive of a lifetime!

Discover the Incredible Blasket Islands with a Sea Safari Adventure!

Adventure seekers, it’s time to embark on a truly unforgettable voyage of discovery from Dingle Harbour. Towering cliffs, grand mountains, and breathtaking views await you on this spectacular tour of one of the world’s most unique and important natural sites.

Beach on the Blasket Islands
Blasket Islands

Get close to seabirds and seals that make the islands their home, and explore a landscape shaped by thousands of years of waves – all while learning the fascinating history of these islands!

So if you’re looking for an exciting and unforgettable journey into a hidden part of Irish culture and heritage, then take a trip and discover the incredible Blasket Islands with a Sea Safari Adventure!


Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Dingle Bay through the innovative attraction known as WAVE – the Wild Atlantic Virtual Experience.

Using cutting-edge technology, WAVE offers a truly immersive virtual journey underwater, capturing the essence of Dingle Bay in incredible detail.

Witness the vibrant marine life, explore shipwrecks off the Kerry Coast, and get up close with Fungie, the famous resident dolphin.

In addition, the Dingle Ocean Museum provides interactive exhibits that educate visitors about the delicate ecosystem and hidden secrets of the bay. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore the wonders of the ocean like never before. See my webpage on WAVE here.

Marvel At The Magnificent Eask Tower View

Embark on an awe-inspiring journey to the highest point of this picturesque fishing town, the Eask Tower. Perched atop a rocky outcrop, the 19th-century tower offers unmatched vistas over the bay – and it’s easy to see why it is treasured by all who visit.

Eask Tower in Dingle
Eask Tower

From its peak, you can take in the wonders of the nearby Blasket Islands, the striking Brandon Mountain, and the unending Atlantic horizon. With a fascinating history and breathtaking sights every which way, visiting the Eask Tower in Dingle is certainly an experience to savor.

Explore The Wonders Of Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium

Have you ever wanted to explore the depths of the ocean and get up close with some underwater creatures? Well, now you can at Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium. This aquarium offers an amazing experience that will leave you in awe.

Dingle Aqaurium
Dingle Aqaurium

Get ready to journey through a variety of ocean habitats where you can meet sharks, get hands-on with sea urchins, witness the colorful flashes of fish, drift through serene coral passages, and make friends with seals.

Jellyfish at the Dingle Aquarium
Jellyfish at the Dingle Aquarium

From the friendly staff to the interactive exhibits to stunning marine life, it’s an unforgettable adventure that will have you craving more! So whether you’re looking for a fun family outing or a romantic escape, Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium is sure to enthrall its visitors. See my webpage on Dingle Oceanworld here.

A turtle looking into the at Dingle Aquarium
Dingle Aquarium

Discovering The Wonders Of Clogher Strand On Foot

Step out of the hustle and bustle of the small town of Dingle and take a journey to explore the natural wonders of Clogher Strand! This sandy beach is the perfect escape for an adventure outdoors.

Stroll and breathe in the fresh sea air, and experience the serene beauty of nature on a picturesque hike along this beach.

The Sleeping Giant (The Blasket Island)
The Sleeping Giant

It is the perfect place to take a picture of the Sleeping Giant island. With stunning views across Dingle Bay and into the Kerry hills, you’ll truly feel like you’re discovering a wonderland here at Clogher Strand.

Get Ready To Have A Wild Night Out In Dingle!

Are you ready for a pub crawl unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced? Dingle pubs are as enchanting as the town itself. Take a break from your normal routine and embark on an adventure of culture, music, and fun all across Dingle.

Entrance to Dick Mack's Pub in Dingle
Dick Mack’s Pub

From lively Irish pubs full of warm locals to cozy hidden spots tucked away down narrow lanes, each one has its own unique atmosphere and character.

Sip on a pint while listening to traditional Irish music, share stories and laughs with newfound friends, and delight in local cuisine and culture—it’s all part of the experience of a pub crawl in Dingle!

So get your walking shoes ready and prepare for an epic adventure full of good times, laughter, and a lot of fabulous beer.

Investigating The Unique Architecture Of Gallarus Oratory

Have you ever heard of Gallarus Oratory? It’s a stone-built structure tucked away in a lush corner on the Slea Head drive.

Music in the video by SoulProdMusic from Pixabay

A Romanesque stone church that has captivated visitors for centuries, it’s intriguing architecture and mysterious atmosphere are sure to fascinate anyone who visits! A local tradition is that anyone who climbs through this tiny window is guaranteed access to heaven.

Window in Gallarus Oratory
Window in Gallarus Oratory

The window is only big enough for children to be passed through. The grounds contain several archaeological artifacts.

Visiting is convenient; the place has a coach and car park, cafe, and toilets. Entry to Gallarus Oratory is free, but they charge you €3-4 per person for a video show, which most find to be well worth it. See my webpage on Gallarus Oratory here.

Discovering The Unique Flavors Of Dingle Distillery

Step inside the storied walls of Dingle Distillery, and you’ll find a unique array of finely crafted spirits. From their small batch of whiskey to their world-renowned gin, it comes as no surprise that this Kerry gem has gained an international fan base.

Take a stroll through the distillery, and let your senses take in the sight, smell, and flavor of each handcrafted masterpiece.

Every sip is filled with a delightful complexity that will tantalize your taste buds down to their core. Take a closer look at these refreshingly original whiskey offerings and discover why they are quickly becoming some of Ireland’s most sought-after distilled liquors.

Enjoy A Spectacular Sheep Dog Show At The Famine Cottage

Have you ever wanted to get a unique view of how humans work together with animals? Then come join us for a spectacular sheepdog show in Dingle!

Here, you will witness a beautiful interaction between human and animal as an expert herder guides his trusty canine companion across the verdant Irish landscape. From start to finish, this incredible show will captivate spectators of all ages as we learn about the remarkable connection between man and creature.

Whether it’s understanding the dynamics of whistles and hand gestures used to direct the ability to recognize symbols or just marveling at their agility and speed, the sheer skill and athleticism displayed during this riveting exhibition are truly awe-inspiring.

Nowhere else can you watch such a mesmerizing display so come experience the excitement and wonder of a sheepdog show.

Uncovering The Hidden Treasures Of The Slea Head Drive

Are you ready for a stunning journey of exploration and discovery? Say goodbye to the hustle and bustle of the city and prepare for an adventure like no other on the Slea Head Drive.

Crucifix of our Lord on Slea Head Drive

Accompanied by breathtaking coastal views, you’ll discover hidden treasures with every twist and turn along this rugged, winding road.

Cashel Murphy on Slea Head Drive
Cashel Murphy

From ancient ruins to untouched stretches of pristine beaches, the Slea Head Loop is a journey that will astound and captivate even the most seasoned traveler. So get behind the wheel, take a deep breath of fresh air, and explore the secret beauty of the Slea Head Drive.

Unconventional Fun: Drinking At Foxy John’s Hardware Store

From the outside, it looks like any other hardware store—a quaint little shop nestled in Dingle town. But step inside and you’ll find something totally unexpected: Foxy John’s Hardware Store is also a pub!

The warm and inviting atmosphere has been welcoming locals and travelers alike for years, where they can soak up the friendly vibes while enjoying a pint.

Now, a long time ago, one side of the premises was a pub and the other side was a shop. Sadly this has died away except for a few pubs in Ireland.

This makeshift pub has quickly become a popular spot among beer lovers far and wide. So come on in, grab a stool at the bar, and order a Guinness (or two!).

Indulge In The Tastes Of Dingle At Its Food Festival

Prepare your taste buds for an unforgettable adventure at Dingle’s Food Festival. For food lovers, this is a culinary rendezvous that should not be missed!

Sample the flavors of authentic Irish delicacies like smoked salmon, homemade pasta dishes, award-winning artisan cheeses, and hearty soups served with generous servings of warmth and fun.

Indulge in the tastes of signature dishes and get lost in traditional music and entertainment as you savor every bite.

Journey Through Time: Exploring The History Of Beehive Huts

Discover a world of fascinating history, mysterious architecture, and hidden secrets tucked away in one of the greatest places on Earth.

On the edge of this gorgeous peninsula lies a cluster of stone huts referred to as ‘beehive huts’ or ‘clocháns’, all constructed between 6000 BC-3000 BC.

Inside one of the Beehive huts on Slea Head Drive
Inside one of the Beehive huts on Slea Head Drive

Step into the past and explore these remarkable ancient structures made of stones, marveling at the skill of our early ancestors and the clever engineering that still stands today.

Beehive huts on Slea Head Drive
Beehive hut

From the intricate design of the thick walls to the information they share about life in times gone by, these beehive huts are an unforgettable part of the Irish landscape, sure to capture your imagination as you adventure through their ancient beauty.

Exploring The Ancient Ruins Of Rahinnane Castle.

For centuries, Rahinnane Castle has been a silent sentinel standing watch over the lush Irish countryside of Dingle.

Built on an ancient ringfort centuries ago, this majestic stronghold exudes a grandeur that continues to captivate visitors today.

From its imposing stone walls to its unique architecture and incredible story, Rahinnane Castle is one of Ireland’s National Monuments, serving as a timeless symbol of strength and resilience and bearing witness to hundreds of years of culture, conflict, and community. It is on private land & there is an entrance fee.

Cool Down With A Refreshing Scoop At Murphy’s Ice Cream Shop

Step into the cool, inviting atmosphere of Murphy’s Ice Cream Shop and be transported to heavenly bliss!

From the delectable display of creamy ice cream flavors, bright colors, and delicious toppings, you won’t be able to resist the inviting scents wafting from the generous portions adorned with sprinkles and chocolate chips.

With relationships spanning generations, Murphy’s has become a local favorite for friends, families, and couples alike!

Let the melting sensation of the Chocolate Whiskey scoops, Gluten Free Brownie, or whatever your heart desires to take you away for an instant getaway to your own personal paradise. It’s the perfect way to cool down on a hot summer’s day!

Discover The Magic Of Dingle By Horseback

Experience the breathtaking sights and sounds of Dingle on horseback! Ride through lush meadows vibrantly alive with colour, trot along seafront paths surrounded by jagged cliffs and crashing waves.

Rediscover Dingle’s natural beauty from a spectacular perspective that will leave you breathless. With experienced guides and gentle horses leading the way, you are sure to make incredible memories with family and friends alike as you explore this scenic region on horseback. So saddle up and make the most of your holiday.

Cozy Up With The Cutest Little Lambs

Have you ever wanted to cuddle up with a bunch of lambs? Then, there’s only one place for it – the Slea Head Drive.

Here, visitors can take part in a unique farming experience that offers an up-close-and-personal view of adorable baby lambs frolicking in their fields.

Not only will you get to hold and pet these cute little lambs for a small fee, but you’ll also learn about the day-to-day life of sheep farmers and their flocks.

Uncovering The Past At The Blasket Centre

Step back in time to the beautiful Blaskets – a place where living off the land and sea was the only way of life! The extraordinary history of this unique island community off the coast of Ireland is remembered at the Blasket Centre.

Entrance to the Blasket Island Certre
Blasket Island Certre

Through interactive displays, artefacts, audiovisual presentations, and artworks, visitors can explore the resilient culture of the people who made their homes on the remote islands until their evacuation in 1953.

Journey through the everyday lives of these inspiring people from subsistence fishing and farming to traditional work and entertainment.

What a bedroom was like in the Blasket Islands, Kerry
What a bedroom was like in the Blasket Islands

Discover how they cultivated an independent spirit while facing difficult Atlantic storms and persistent poverty – and how they left a powerful legacy that lives on today. See my webpage on the Blasket Islands here.

A Journey To Remember: Hike The Dingle Way

Prepare to lace up your hiking boots and explore the stunning beauty of The Dingle Way, a 175 km route that crosses through coves and along jagged coasts in the incredible landscape of the Dingle Peninsula.

Take a journey along this rugged route situated on some of Ireland’s most stunning natural landscapes, from breathtaking clifftop views to rolling countryside paths and ancient forest trails.

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely stroll, a challenging trek, or a weekend trip with friends, there’s something for everyone – so make sure to get out and explore this amazing part of the world!

Journey To A Galaxy Far, Far Away: Exploring Star Wars Filming Location

Have you ever dreamed of exploring the picturesque and rugged setting that made Star Wars come to Dingle? Look no further than Ceann Sibeal (Sybil Head), the spectacular and unrivaled headland located near Ballyferriter village.

Where Star Wars - The Last Jedi - was filmed in Ballyferriter
Where Star Wars – The Last Jedi – was filmed in Ballyferriter

Sybil Head is a fantastic place to gain an immersive experience in the world of Star Wars. Whether you’re an avid fan or simply want to explore the breathtaking scenery, Sybil Head is the perfect destination.

Exploring The Ancient Ruins Of Dunbeg Fort

Dunbeg Fort is a remnant dating back to Iron Age Ireland. This magnificent structure was built with fortified walls and an impressive entrance archway that still stands proudly today.

In addition to the fort itself, there are also several other defensive ruins scattered around the area, providing a glimpse into the lives of the occupants 2,000 years ago.

From this vantage point, visitors can admire the spectacular views of Dingle Bay and the surrounding Irish countryside – a sight that would have been very familiar to the original inhabitants.

Dunbeg Fort beckons visitors to explore its secrets and marvel at its magnificent beauty – a captivating time warp that offers up a little piece of history.

Immersing Yourself In Nature With A Bicycle Tour Of The Dingle Countryside

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life by immersing yourself in the idyllic beauty of the Dingle countryside with a bicycle tour.

Pedal through the breathtaking countryside and uncover centuries of history, taking in ancient sights such as Gallarus Oratory, Slea Head, and the Conor Pass.

Make stops to take in the incredible views over the Atlantic Ocean and visit some of Ireland’s most picturesque fishing villages.

Enjoy living like a local as you stay in charming guest houses and enjoy a traditional Irish meal at the end of each day. With a bicycle, nature can be experienced at its purest.

A Brewery With Big Flavors: Delve Into Dick Mack’s Brewhouse

Step inside Dick Mack’s Brewery, Taproom, and Brewhouse for a truly unique experience! With crafted beer expertly brewed on-site and an inviting Taproom, this destination offers something for everyone.

Entrance to Dick Macks Brewhouse in Dingle
Dick Macks Brewhouse

Peruse the patio with your furry friend in tow, sample beer from the brewery, and have a bite to eat with specialty offerings from local artisan food trucks. Or if live music is more your thing, relax in the Brewhouse courtyard and enjoy some toe-tapping tunes.

Exploring The Kerry Camino: A Pilgrim’s Journey

For a truly unique hiking experience, look no further than the Kerry Camino! This spectacular hiking route stretches across 57km of incredible landscapes between Tralee and Dingle, taking hikers over mountain ranges, across farmlands, and into culturally rich hubs of activity.

The Kerry Camino Passport
The Kerry Camino Passport

With its hidden gems and tourist hotspots, the Kerry Camino provides a journey full of adventure and charm, perfect for everyone from beginner-day trippers to experienced long-distance trekkers.

Kerry Camino Certificate of Completion
Kerry Camino Certificate of Completion

So, why not start making plans today and discover something new along the way – with or without that all-important Camino passport?

See The Birds Of Prey At Kingdom Falconry

Kingdom Falconry is a must-visit destination for those who appreciate birds of prey. Located just outside the town, this falconry center offers a unique and exhilarating experience for visitors of all ages.

From watching these majestic birds soar through the sky to even handling them under careful supervision, Kingdom Falconry provides a memorable encounter with nature.

The trained professionals at the center offer informative and interesting talks about each bird and their role in the ecosystem.

With its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, Kingdom Falconry in Dingle is an ideal spot for anyone passionate about birds of prey and the natural world. See my webpage on the Kingdom Falconry here.

Exploring The Greens At Ceann Sibéal Golf Club

Bursting with character, Ceann Sibéal Golf Club invites golfers of all levels to explore its beautiful greens. Located in Ballyferriter, the course is situated on hills that overlook the wild Atlantic Ocean.

With plays across rugged landscapes and a relaxed clubhouse atmosphere, Ceann Sibéal is one of the premier golfing experiences in Ireland. As you wander through the well-maintained fairways, you’ll be amazed at the quality and abundance of wildlife that inhabit this course.

Marvel at the vast array of birdlife and have your camera ready to capture opportunities to spot wild hares and other small mammals that hide among the grassland patches.

The variety of terrain ensures there’s a hole and challenge for every level, keeping even competitive players on their toes and providing a scenic backdrop to an enjoyable round of golf.

Enjoy a scenic stroll along the coastline to reach Hussey’s Folly

Embark on a journey along the stunning coastline and discover the hidden gem of Hussey’s Folly! Experience an unforgettable journey as you wander through stunning seascapes, breathing in the salty sea air while taking in stunning views along the way.

Step by step you’ll make your way toward one of Ireland’s hidden gems, a spot known and beloved by locals for centuries. With each step you take, you’ll be enthralled by the breathtaking scenery around you. On your stroll, you may even be treated to some local wildlife – so keep a sharp eye out!

Reask Monastic Settlement

The Reask Monastic Settlement, located in An Riasc, is an early medieval monastic site that was excavated in the 1970s.

Music in the video by SoulProdMusic from Pixabay

It includes a monastery surrounded by an enclosure wall, several round houses, a workshop with evidence of iron, bronze, and glassworking, and graveyards with a possible burial shrine. A corn-drying kiln can be found outside the enclosure wall on the site.

Cross slab at Riasc
Cross slab at Riasc

An information leaflet about the site is available at the museum. The monastic complex is a national monument and can be viewed by the public free of charge.

Blasket Islands: A Slice of Irish Heritage and History

The Blasket Islands are a group of six islands off the west of the Dingle Peninsula. They are a must-visit if you’re keen on Irish heritage. The islands are largely state-owned now, and residents were evacuated to the mainland after the population declined to 22.

Boat Tours to the Blasket Island and Dolphin Booking
Boat Tours to the Blasket Island

Today, the Blasket Islands are a ghost town overrun with seals, sheep, and rabbits. Tourists frequent the islands for a glimpse of history and breathtaking scenery.

As a visitor to the Great Blasket Island, you can visit several ruins, a cottage, and a small cafe. The hike up and down the hills can be a tad strenuous for some.

If you plan to visit, opt for the Dingle Bay Speed Boat Tours & Great Blasket Island Experience, which includes a two-way ferry, and other sea life sightings, and a 4-hour excursion at The Great Blasket Island that includes a guided tour, all for €65 -€80 per person.

You can even choose to stay over for a night for a unique experience. There’s no electricity, so don’t expect hot water, but the tea light setting after dark certainly makes for a never-before experience. Don’t forget to carry a strong insect repellent as midges can prove to be a nightmare. See my webpage on the Blasket Islands here.

Mount Brandon: A Hike to Remember

At 951.7 meters, Mount Brandon is one of the ten highest peaks in Ireland. It’s at the centre of the Brandon Group mountain range, which spans 6.2 miles across the Dingle Peninsula. The summit offers an unmatched view of the southwest Irish coast.

Scaling Mount Brandon and climbing down take about 5-7 hours and can be physically strenuous for some. The climb is beautiful, and the views are spectacular, which more than makes up for the time and effort. I wouldn’t recommend going by yourself, it’s a better idea to hire a guide considering one may wander off track.

There are two routes to scaling Mount Brandon – the Baille Breac (Ballybrack) route and the Faha Ridge route. The Baille Breac route is about 6 miles from Dingle Town. This route follows the western pilgrim’s path (originally from Ventry) taking in the 14 Stations of the Cross.

The Faha Ridge route is about 5 miles and takes about 6 hours. If you plan on climbing Mount Brandon, a guided ascent is done by Kerry Climbing. You also want to carry wet weather gear or a windbreaker since the flat grassy terrain offers no protection from the ferocious winds.

Uncovering The Hidden Angling Paradise Of Dingle

If you’re an avid fisher, deep, game, shore, and sea angling are all great options at Dingle. There’s plenty of fish for everyone’s preference all year round. You can go fishing for mackerel, pollack, and bass. Mackerel especially is fairly common during late spring to autumn, while the bass is common all year round.

Boats dock at the Dingle harbour
Dingle harbour

Deep-sea fishing will require licensed and equipped boats, and you can hire one for 2, 4, or 8 hours starting from €35 per adult. You can even hire a private boat for as low as €300. Some providers offer you the option of serving you your catch as dinner at a local restaurant for around €12.

Discovering the Craft of Dingle Crystal

Dingle Crystal is a renowned crystal manufacturing company located 2km outside of Dingle. Since its establishment in 1999, the company has become famous for its exquisite handcrafted crystal pieces, which are handmade by skilled artisans using traditional techniques.

Dingle Crystal is known for its unique and innovative designs, which are inspired by the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape and the rich cultural heritage of the region.

The factory offers group demonstrations and has the capacity to accommodate up to 35 individuals. They offer individual demos too. They have a shop in Dingle Town. 

Visit the Beehive Theatre Company

Experience the world of professional theatrical performances and creative workshops at The Beehive Theatre. The theatre and performing arts production company is situated as you come into Dingle, providing a scenic view of this Irish coastal town.

The theatre/workshop studio has a seating capacity of 65 and offers performances by skilled local artists with vibrant energy and skillful staging. Attending one of their shows guarantees a unique and unforgettable night of entertainment.

Playing a Round at Dingle Pitch and Putt

Looking for a fun family activity in the great outdoors? Look no further than Dingle Pitch and Putt! Located in picturesque Milltown( 2.5km from Dingle), this attraction offers everyone – from beginners to pros – the chance to play a simplified version of golf.

Equipment is available for rent so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own clubs and balls with you, plus Fungie’s Crazy Golf adds an extra element of wacky fun for all ages.

With its stunning views, fresh air, and thrilling adventure, Dingle Pitch and Putt is the perfect way to make lasting memories with your loved ones. Get ready for a swingin’ good time! See my webpage on the Dingle Pitch & Putt here

Taking in the Stunning Views at Dunquin Pier

Dunquin Pier is a mesmerizing place that gives visitors a breathtaking view of Dingle Bay. This pier is situated on the Slea Head Drive and serves as 1 of the embarkation points for ferries going to the Blasket Islands. It is highly recommended to visit.

It is important for visitors to be aware of safety measures when visiting this popular destination, as there are no fences or guard rails along the cliff edge.

Despite the challenges of finding parking during the summer months, Dunquin Pier remains a popular tourist destination due to its breathtaking scenery and picturesque views.

Please don’t drive down to the pier as you will only get stuck.

Sampling Local Brews at West Kerry Brewery

At West Kerry Brewery, visitors can participate in an immersive experience while also tasting and appreciating their brewing skills.

For a fee of €15 per person, a tour lasting between 1-1.5 hours is available that covers the brewing process and offers the chance to sample a variety of beer ranges, including Core, Renegade, Riasc, and Collector Editions.

Being the first microbrewery in Kerry, they have acquired a significant level of expertise and proficiency that is well-respected in the area.

Visitors can anticipate a quality experience, pleasant customer service, tasty beer, and a comfortable pub atmosphere, as evidenced by positive visitor testimonials. Please don’t drink and drive.

Sciuird Archaeological Tours

The Dingle Peninsula has 2,500 archaeological sites of importance, dating from 6000 BC to 1700 AD. While Dingle town and a lot of the attractions around are interesting for many, history enthusiasts could opt for a tour dedicated solely to archaeological sites.

Several tour operators offer tours that cover these sites, along with a knowledgeable guide. These guides are an invaluable source of local knowledge and will provide an entertaining dimension to your experience.

Cashel Murphy on the Slea Head
Cashel Murphy

I recommend Sciuird Archaeological Tours, a small family-run business managed by a father-son duo that conducts tours for small groups of up to 16 people.

These tours start from (and end at) Dingle town, from where you can sit back and relax in a bus as they undertake the Slea Head Drive. Each tour takes about 3 hours and many archaeological sites, and at €40 per person (including entry charges at said sites), I can attest that it’s a stellar deal.

Gallarus Oratory
Gallarus Oratory

Money aside, Sciuird Archaeological Tours guarantees a thoroughly educational and insightful experience with a qualified archaeologist. Also, unlike most group tours, it’s not extremely commercial.

Apart from the time you spend with the group, you also have sufficient time to explore places and take pictures. It would be a good idea to make a reservation beforehand as they take only a set number of groups per day.

Some of the sites Sciuird Archaeological Tours covers include the Beehive at Fahan, the 15th-century tower house of the Fitzgerald family, Ogham stones, St. Brendan’s Oratory, and Armada Commemorative Monument at Dún Chaoin. Give them a try; I assure you, that you won’t be disappointed.

Where to Eat and Drink in Dingle

Knowing the right restaurants and pubs are a big part of any vacation. Fenton’s of Dingle is a lovely restaurant. Visit here for the delicious food (and generous portions too!), great presentation, warm ambiance, and excellent service.

Fentons Restaurant in Dingle

They even offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, albeit limited. In terms of what to order, steak, lamb, beef, and oysters are excellent options. They can get quite busy, so making a reservation a day or two in advance is a good idea.

Entrance to Out of the Blue Restaurant in Dingle
Out of the Blue Restaurant

If you’re a seafood lover, we recommend Out of the Blue. The harbour-side, moderately expensive restaurant has an unassuming front and serves fresh seafood and local beer – the menu changes as per the catch of the day.

Doyle’s Seafood Restaurant is another great option. They’re expensive but offer an elegant and stylish dining experience, unbelievably delicious food options, and an excellent wine selection.

Entrance to the Boatyard Restaurant in Dingle
Boatyard Restaurant

Lord Baker’s is a good option if you’re looking for a pub with great food. They even have a ‘special value menu’ that features dishes for €18. Lord Baker’s also offers vegetarian and vegan options. The place is pretty popular, so book in advance.

The Chart House is another great cozy restaurant in Dingle. Simple yet creative food, generous portions, reasonable price, and welcoming staff make this place a hit all round.

Does Dingle Town have a beach?

Dingle Town is a harbour and has no beach of its own but visitors to the area don’t have to go far to enjoy a day at the shore.

There are 2 Blue Flag Beaches located only 22 and 8 kilometers away, respectively, Inch Beach and Ventry Beach which offer stunning views and diverse activities for people of all ages.

For those looking to catch some waves, Inch is considered ideal for surfing, making it the perfect destination for thrill-seekers.

Meanwhile, Ventry offers calmer waters coupled with wider stretches of sandy beach, allowing visitors the opportunity to take part in daily beach activities such as sunbathing, swimming, and beach volleyball.

Where was the Star Wars film in Dingle?

The Star Wars films were shot in Sybil Head near Ballyferriter Village in the Dingle Peninsula. This stunning location provided the perfect backdrop for some of the most iconic scenes in the franchise.

The rugged coastline and dramatic cliffs added an otherworldly feel to the movies and made them even more magical.

How long do you need in Dingle?

For a complete experience of the region, it is recommended to stay for a duration of 5 days or more.

How to get to Dingle?

Taking the N86 from Tralee will bring you to Dingle in approximately one hour. Along the route, you’ll pass through some of Ireland’s beautiful scenery and along picturesque winding roads. Enjoy the journey!

Can you do Dingle Peninsula in one day?

While it is possible to drive around the Dingle Peninsula in one day, it is not recommended if you want to fully experience all that it has to offer.

To fully appreciate the beauty of the Dingle Peninsula, you should plan to spend at least 4 or 5 days exploring the area. This will give you enough time to visit the many scenic spots, such as Slea Head Drive, Conor Pass, and the Blasket Islands.

In summary, while it is possible to do the Dingle Peninsula in one day, it is not recommended if you want to fully experience all that it has to offer.

What are the best things to do on a short trip to Dingle?

1. Slea Head Drive – This scenic drive takes you along the coast of Dingle Peninsula, offering stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, rugged cliffs, and picturesque villages. Make sure to stop at the lookout points and take plenty of photos.

2. The Blasket Islands – A short boat trip from Dingle Harbour will take you to the remote and beautiful Blasket Islands.

Which is better to visit, Dingle or the Ring of Kerry?

A turtle looking into the at Dingle Aquarium
Dingle Aquarium

It really depends on what you are looking for in your trip. If you prefer to stay in one particular town and explore all of its attractions, then Dingle is the perfect destination for you.

However, if you are looking for a longer journey and want to explore more of the surrounding areas, then the Ring of Kerry may be a better fit.

Outside front of Staigue Fort
Staigue Fort 3km from the Ring of Kerry

If you do decide to take on the Ring of Kerry, I recommend taking at least four days to fully explore the area.

Some great places to stay during your trip include Killarney, Caherciveen, and Sneem. And if you have the time, don’t forget to explore the Skellig Ring, it’s definitely worth it.

Skellig Michael
Skellig Michael on the Skellig Ring

Ultimately, both Dingle and the Ring of Kerry offer their own unique charm and beauty. It’s all about what you are looking for in your trip and what kind of experience you want to have.


Dingle is an ideal holiday destination that can offer something for everyone.

Whether it’s adventurous outdoor activities, stunning scenery, tantalizing food, or unique culture and history, Dingle has it all.

Take time to relax by the sea, explore the hills and countryside, savour some of the best seafood in Ireland, and learn about the town’s fascinating past.

With so much to do and see in this picturesque corner of Ireland, it’s no wonder why Dingle is a top spot to visit!

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