Things To Do In Inch Beach

The stunning Inch Beach, located on The Dingle Penisula in County Kerry, is one of the most popular beaches throughout the whole of Ireland.

This picturesque and relaxing location has much to offer, and below I have included a selection of the best things to do in Inch Beach, where to stay, and places to eat.

Inch Beach consists of around 3 miles of beautiful golden sand that is so clean and well maintained that Inch Beach has been awarded Blue Flag status.

Limited parking at Inch Beach, Kerry
Limited parking at Inch Beach

If you are choosing to drive your car during your trip to Inch, there is only a small car park of around 60 places available. You are allowed to park on parts of the beach, and if you get stuck, then for a small fee, a farmer will help you pull your car out.

Get Your Adrenaline Pumping With Beach Surfing

Perhaps one of the most popular activities that you can partake in whilst visiting Inch Beach is to try your hand at surfing. People come from all over Kerry to try surfing at Inch, so you must too.

Kite Surfing
Image by minka2507 from Pixabay

There is a store where you can either purchase your own, or rent, surfing equipment, as this beach location has all of the perfect conditions for windy sports. And there is no need to worry about safety, as the beach has lifeguards on watch throughout the summer months.

If you are tempted to try your hand at surfing, then look no further than Kingdom Waves Surf School. This surf school is very popular with locals and visitors and even allows you to rent their very own equipment and teach you everything you need to know about surfing.

Be sure to head down to Inch Beach during the autumn months, as this is when you will find the very best surfing conditions.

Try Your Hand At Fishing

For those that consider fishing a hobby of theirs or a pastime, then you may have already heard of Inch Beach. It has become, over time, one of the most popular places in Ireland to travel to and try storm fishing.

The waters that surround County Kerry are famous for having a large population of a variety of different fish species such as flounder, bass, plaice, and coley to mention just a few due to the currents and surf of the Atlantic Ocean. The area is also used by Tralee Bay Sea Angling Club.

Visit The Picturesque Dingle Town

The beautiful town of Dingle has been a bustling seaport for over 800 years, and has, in most recent years, adapted into a popular tourist destination within County Kerry. This quaint Irish town is known for its colourful buildings, delicious eateries, and its own dolphin mascot.

Dingle Aquarium
Dingle Aquarium

With a bustling nightlife, a day trip to Dingle Town is an absolute must if you need to take a break from the relaxing seaside life at Inch Beach. And, of course, a trip to Dingle would not be complete without visiting some of the town’s quirky and unique shops.

Shopping in Dingle.jpg
Shopping in Dingle

See my web page on Dingle Town here.

Explore The Dingle Way

Now that I have introduced you to the delights of Dingle Town, it may interest you that it is also part of a major walking trail in this part of Ireland. The Dingle Way, within itself, is actually a well-known long-distance walking trail that is approximately 162km long.

Of course, you probably do not wish to do the trail all in one go (unless you really love to hike), so I have a slightly smaller route within The Dingle Way, which I recommend you do whilst visiting Inch.

Instead, I recommend you complete the Camp to Annascaul section within The Dingle Way. It is (approximately) a much more manageable 17km long walk and is considered to be moderate in difficulty when you are trying to negotiate the trial.

It takes the average walker around 4 to 6 hours to complete, depending on how often you will need to stop or if you wish to take in the sites whilst you are completing the trial.

Inch Cliff looking out to sea
Dingle Bay

As you leave from Camp, you will pass by the Slieve Mish Mountains and Emlagh River valley on your journey to the west coast. You must be careful during your journey as cars also use the recommended trail routes and surfaces can be quite boggy in places.

Once you reach the Inch Beach section of your walk, this may be a good place to stop off and rehydrate or have something to eat.

Once you have finished at Inch, you are then to start heading northwest towards Annascaul. Most of this section of your walk will be made up of minor country roads, but make sure that you stop off at Knockafeehane mountain and take in the breathtaking views of Dingle Bay.

Before you know it, you will have reached the beautiful Village of Annascaul.

The Best Places To Eat At Inch Beach

Now that you have found out about all of the different activities available at the stunning Inch Beach, you may be wondering about where you can stop to have a refreshing drink and something to eat?

Well, below, we have included our top two picks of the best places to eat in the surrounding area of Inch Beach.

Of course, during your stay in Ireland, you may wish to go to a traditional Irish pub and sample a creamy pint of Guinness. Please remember that you should not drink and swim, as it is particularly dangerous to drink and swim in the ocean.

Seafront Inn

With a beautiful seafront location, hence the name, it is quite clear why Seafront Inn is a popular restaurant with locals and visitors alike.

The Strand Hotel in Inch

With cocktails, beers, and delectable dishes available, this is the perfect place for a sit-down meal in the evening after a day at the beach, or you can always go for a quick sandwich or salad for lunch.

Sammy’s Restaurant

You can’t get much closer to the beach than Sammy’s Restaurant, which actually has tables on the very sand of Inch Beach.

This cozy and relaxing restaurant is the perfect place to relax after a day at the beach or to try a delicious pint of traditional Irish Guinness.

Sammy shop at Inch Beach, Kerry
Sammy shop at Inch Beach

You absolutely must try their fresh and locally sourced seafood chowder, a favourite with local residents.

Where To Stay In Inch Beach

The last section of my guide to the beautiful Inch Beach is dedicated to a few of the very best accommodation options that are available within the local area.

Please note that wild camping at Inch Beach is actually illegal and if you are found doing so, you will be fined €75. This is a rule taken very seriously in the area and is regularly monitored. You also cannot sleep in your car whilst visiting Inch Beach.

Inch Beach House B&B

First, we have Inch Beach House B&B. Perfect for any size of traveling party with 1 sea-view apartment for those looking for privacy, luxury double rooms for couples on a romantic getaway, and also spacious family rooms.

Each and every room comes with all of the facilities you will need during your holiday, from housekeeping to a tea and coffee station and free luxury bath products.

Inch Beach Campsite

If you are still looking for an authentic camping experience whilst you are visiting Ireland, then look no further than Inch Beach Campsite.

This beautiful beachfront location has everything you will need to feel comfortable, with a shower and toilet block, onsite washing machines and dryers, and a large dining hall.

There is no better place to stay than here if you are looking for the perfect beachside holiday.

Inch Beach House

For those looking for a private cozy holiday home to be your home base whilst you are staying in Ireland, then why not head to Beach House.

With a neighbouring traditional Irish Pub and restaurant, you will be comfortable in this friendly neighbourhood.

That concludes my guide to the best things to do in Inch Beach. So, if you are looking to do some adrenaline-pumping surfing or storm fishing, or if you are simply looking for a relaxing getaway with high-quality restaurants and take some relaxing walks, Inch Beach has something for everyone.

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