White Strand Beach Kerry

The Top Things To Do Around White Strand, Cahersiveen

The magnificent island of Ireland has so much to offer, with stunning natural areas of beauty, incredible food, and award-winning attractions. County Kerry has a hand full of everything that Ireland holds dear.

A trip to this incredible White Strand area would be a truly unique experience that you will not regret in the slightest.

Throughout this section, I have selected the very best attractions and experiences that you can have on your holiday to the White Strand and its surrounding area.

The Stunning White Strand Beach

Of course, the number one attraction of White Strand has to be the beach area. This sprawling beach is approximately 500 metres long.

Drone photo of White Strand, Ballycarbery Castle & Cahersiveen Bay
White Strand, Ballycarbery Castle & Cahersiveen Bay

These natural surroundings at White Strand are the perfect sunbathing and picnic setting as well as swimming.

For extra safety, it is good to know that there is a lifeguard on duty throughout the summer months at the beach, making it an ideal location for families with children.

Adrenaline Inducing Watersports

Obviously, relaxing days at the beach are not for everyone, and sometimes you want to have something to do whilst you are visiting this beautiful location.

Naturally, a form of watersports or water activity is the best and most popular choice for those adrenaline junkies that are visiting White Strand beach.

Of course, its relatively reclusive location is a disadvantage in the sense that you will have to bring your own equipment, but it also guarantees you the probability of having plenty of space to experience whichever exciting watersport activity you wish to have.

Kite Surfing
Image by minka2507 from Pixabay

So whether you are kayaking, surfing, paddleboarding, or windsurfing, you will have a fantastic time at White Strand beach especially considering the windy sea conditions, which creates the perfect waves for when you are out on the water.

Discover The Beautiful Sand Martins Whilst Bird Watching

Throughout the months from March to September, the stunning Sand Martins take their summer holiday around County Kerry.

It is one of the smallest of all the Martins and Swallows that can be found throughout Europe.

sand martins nests
Image by TheOtherKev from Pixabay

If you are on the lookout for Sand Martins or looking for the best bird watching locations, then you must head towards the freshwater areas around County Kerry.

Lakes, rivers, and flooded land areas are some of the most popular locations for the Sand Martin to nest during their time in Ireland before they travel back to Africa for the winter months.

You will see the Sand Martins nesting at the back wall of the sandy beach.

Why Not Try A Round Of Fishing?

One of the most popular past times across the whole of Ireland is fishing. Whether that is fresh-water fishing or sea fishing, it is very popular with everyone and most tourists will often opt to try it whilst they are on holiday.

The storm beach, known for its big surf, is one of the most popular places on the Irish coast to go fishing.

Bass, flounder, and dogfish are some of the most popular fish that you can catch in these waters.

Sea fog just off Killelan Mountains
Killelan Mountains

Other options include Cuas Crom Harbour, which is only 1.5km from the beach. You can fish off of the rocks at Killelan. Be careful while fishing on the rocks.

I learned how to fish on the pier in Cuas Crom. And you can find pollack and mackerel at both of these locations as well. See my web page on where to fish in this area.

Explore The Cahersiveen Ringforts

On the outskirts of the town, known by the same name, the Cahersiveen Ring Forts date back to the 7th century.

Known individually as Cahergal and Leacanabuaile forts, these impressive structures are an absolute must-see.

Drone of Cahersiveen Ringfort with Cuas Crom in the background
Leacanabuaile Fort

Historically, they were very important to the local area, as they allowed its residents to have a higher vantage point, which allowed them to see potential invaders coming from the sea thus enabling them to prepare themselves to defend against attack.

And do not forget to travel to the third Cahersiveen Ringfort that is located near the Cahersiveen Barracks. See my web page on these magnificent ring forts here.

Discover The Breathtaking Ballycarbery Castle

Another spectacular ancient piece of history, located near the Cahersiveen Ring Forts, is the stunning Ballycarbery Castle. Dating back to the 16th century, this brilliant location was once home to the McCarthy Mór Clan.

Ballycarbery Castle in Castlequin, Cahersiveen
Ballycarbery Castle in Castlequin

Although a lot of the walls have since collapsed, astonishingly, three rooms on the ground floor, a staircase, and two rooms on the first floor are still standing.

With its seaside landscape and hillside location, it is unbelievably beautiful and an absolute must-see. See my web page on Ballycarbery Castle here.

Go Camping At Mannix Point

Since you cannot go camping at White Strand beach as it is illegal to wild camp at the beach, and anyone found doing so will be fined €75.

The nearest campsite to the beach is actually Mannix Point, which has its own seaside location and is truly stunning.

Running for just under 40 years, Mannix Point is a favourite of anyone that travels to this particular area of Ireland.

The campsite has its very own shared bathrooms, communal living room, BBQ, and picnic area, making it the perfect campsite location for those that are sociable and looking to make new friends.

Visit The Nearest Town Of Cahersiveen

The nearest town to the beautiful White Strand beach is Cahersiveen, which in itself has so much to offer. With many spectacular restaurants, pubs, and bars to choose from.

Drone of Cahersiveen Barracks with old railway bridge beside it
Cahersiveen Barracks with an old railway bridge beside it.

Complete with historical attractions and the very first Dark Sky location to observe the stunning night sky. There is something for everyone at Cahersiveen. You will never have a dull day. See my web page on Cahersiveen town here.

Best Places To Stay Near White Strand

Now that you know everything the area surrounding White Strand beach has to offer, you will want to know about the best places to stay in the area.

Below, I have included my top two picks of the best accommodation options available in this specific area of County Kerry.

Quinlan & Cooke Boutique Townhouse (QC’s)

Within the stunning Irish town of Cahersiveen is the equally perfect Quinlan & Cooke Boutique Townhouse, located in the heart of Main Street.

With luxurious comfortable rooms and a spectacular en-sité restaurant, there is absolutely everything that you need for your stay in Ireland at this townhouse.

With an in-room safe, super king-sized bed and all the facilities you could possibly require, there is nothing that you will need that this townhouse cannot offer.

Ring Of Kerry Hotel

Alternatively, if you are looking for the perfect seaside location for your holiday to County Kerry, then look no further than the Ring of Kerry Hotel.

With breathtaking views of the Atlantic coastline, this 45-year-old hotel has been family-run since it was first established.

The hotel has its very own restaurant, outdoor seating area, and comfortable rooms that make this hotel a very good, and another option.

Best Places To Eat Near White Strand

With both your activities and accommodation already sorted, now all you need to know about is the best places to eat and drink whilst you are staying in this stunning part of County Kerry.

Below, I have included my top two picks of the very best restaurants in the White Strand area.

Quinlan & Cooke Seafood Restaurant (QC’s)

The island of Ireland is especially known for its wide selection of locally sourced seafood that many food establishments create the most delicious dishes with.

One of the most incredible and highly rated restaurants surrounding White Strand beach is the Quinlan & Cooke Seafood Restaurant, which is located within the hotel of the same name (as I have recommended above).

The restaurant only serves sustainably sourced fish, from their own company, in their dishes. You absolutely must go and try here.

Fertha Bar & Restaurant

Alternatively, Fertha Bar & Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner at their restaurant. With delectable meat dishes and fresh seafood available, there is something available to please everyone at this food establishment.

Not only that, but it is a particular favourite with the local residents of Cahersiveen.

Where To Drink Near White Strand

The last section of my guide to the wonderful White Strand beach, and its surrounding areas, is dedicated to the very best places to get a drink whilst you are on your holiday.

Everyone loves to find the perfect spot to relax after a long day of discovering a brand new location.

Mike Murt’s

First off, we have Mike Murt’s. Conveniently located on the Main Street of Cahersiveen, you will find Mike Murt’s. The pub is run by Cahersiveen local, Mike O’Connell, who actually was a finalist of the Guinness Best Bartender in Ireland competition.

Pint of Guinness
Image by McElspeth from Pixabay

Of course, any trip to Ireland is not complete without sampling at least one pint of its famous Guinness.

Remember, Guinness served in Ireland is not the same as any other Guinness you will find served elsewhere in the world, so sampling some in Ireland is an absolute must.

Espresso Caherciveen

Alternatively, if you are looking for the perfect coffee spot around the Cahersiveen area, then look no further than Espresso Caherciveen.

This establishment is also located on the Main Street of the town. It is the perfect place to stop for a quick drink or lunch whilst you are exploring the local area.

With sandwiches, soups, coffees, and cakes, there is a little bit of something for everyone.

That concludes my guide to the stunning White Strand beach and its surrounding area. From the picturesque seaside location, stunning Ballycarbery Castle, and the extensive list of fun-filled outdoor activities available, there will not be a dull day during your trip to the White Strand.

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